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This subject is taught by Te Kura Māori in the Faculty of Education.


Education Māori Pasifika and Indigenous courses contribute to teacher education qualifications, the BA in Education and Education and Psychology, and Education postgraduate programmes. The courses are administered by Te Kura Māori within the Faculty of Education. The School engages in teaching and research related to Māori education, policy and practice, Pasifika education and the education of indigenous peoples.

To see which Education Māori Pasifika and Indigenous courses contribute to your programme of study, go to Undergraduate Study, Graduate Diploma of Teaching or Postgraduate Study.

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Education Māori Pasifika and Indigenous courses are taught in the Faculty of Education.

Te Kura Māori (TKM)
Level 2, Malcolm Block, Karori Campus
Phone: 04-463 5633
Fax: 04-463 9548
Email: tkm@vuw.ac.nz

Student and Academic Services Office
Faculty of Education
Level 3, Tennant Block
Karori Campus
Phone: 04-463 9500
Email: education@vuw.ac.nz

The BA degree is administered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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List of courses

100 Level Courses

FEDU 101 – Foundations for Educational Studies

KURA 101 – Cultural Politics of Education in New Zealand and the Pan-Pacific

KURA 111 – Te Ao Maori 1: Ara Whakahaunga

KURA 135 – Learning Languages

200 Level Courses

FEDU 280 – Adult Literacy and Numeracy: Policy, Theory and Practice

KURA 211 – Te Ao Maori II

KURA 241 – Education, Ethnicity and Culture

KURA 242 – Pacific Nations Education

300 Level Courses

FEDU 301 – Understanding Research in Education

KURA 301 – Matauranga Maori in Education

KURA 311 – Te Ao Maori III

KURA 341 – Multi-ethnic Education

KURA 342 – Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Ed Aotearoa

KURA 371 – Marautanga Maori o Aotearoa

KURA 389 – Special Topic