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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Education (BA(Hons))

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About the BA(Hons) in Education

Following on from a BA in Education, studying at Honours level encourages you to engage in critical and reflective analysis of many of the central issues facing education. Courses on offer cover areas such as education policy, research, Māori and indigenous education, pedagogy, educational psychology and curriculum and assessment topics. This qualification is awarded with First Class Honours, Second Class Honours (first or second division) and Third Class Honours.

The BA(Hons) in Education is administered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Programme Requirements

  • 90 points from EDUC 401-488, and
  • compulsory research project (EDUC 489)

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Entry Requirements

A BA degree with a major in Education.

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Part-time: two years, four years.

Full-time: one year.

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Course CodeTitlePoints
EDUC 403Research Methods in Education30
EDUC 406Effective Mentoring and Coaching for Educational Leadership30
EDUC 412Contemporary Education Policy30
EDUC 418Social and Emotional Development30
EDUC 420Education, Development and Change in Aotearoa30
EDUC 422Curriculum: Theory and Practice30
EDUC 423Education, Engagement and Community30
EDUC 424Educating Students with Developmental Disabilities15
EDUC 432Child and Adolescent Mental Health15
EDUC 433Issues in Early Childhood Care and Education30
EDUC 438Education for the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific30
EDUC 439Critical Pedagogies of Place30
EDUC 440Research as Praxis: Indigenous Perspectives30
EDUC 443Modern Assessment: Theory and Practice15
EDUC 444Evaluation in Education15
EDUC 459Learning and Motivation15
EDUC 460–3Special Topics15
EDUC 464–7Special Topics30
EDUC 489Research Paper in Education30

For course information go to the Course Finder and search under the subject, Education.

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Admissions and enrolment

Before you enrol at Victoria you must meet University Entrance requirements. Check that you're eligible to apply by meeting one of the admission types then follow the steps to apply before applying online.

If you're an international student, you'll have a different admission and application process.

How To Find Out More

The BA(Hons) in Education is administered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. For more information contact:

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Level 4, Murphy Building, Room 411
Kelburn Parade, Kelburn Campus
Phone: 04-463 5745
Email: fhss-enquiries@vuw.ac.nz
Website: www.victoria.ac.nz/fhss

The BA(Hons) in Education courses are taught by the Faculty of Education. For more information contact:

Student and Academic Services Office
Faculty of Education
Level 8, Murphy Building
Kelburn Parade, Campus
Phone: 04-463 9500
Email: education@vuw.ac.nz

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