Educational Psychology

Find out about studying educational psychology at the Faculty of Education.

Educational psychologists are a unique professional group with an in-depth understanding of psychology, education and learning. Roles in this field are varied and multi-dimensional, and offer the opportunity to support others to learn and live. When studying with the Faculty of Education, there is the opportunity to practise and develop skills under the expert guidance of world-class researchers and practitioners in the field .

You can start studying at undergraduate level by enrolling in a major in education, psychology or a  BA in Education and Psychology (EDPS).

This will prepare you for the 3 year full time postgraduate programme:-

Year 1 and 2: Master of Educational Psychology

Year 3: Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Psychology Practice

To find out more about studying Educational Psychology at Victoria see Educational Psychology Programme.

For more information please contact our student advisors by e-mail at or call us on 04 463 9500.