Thesis students

View a list of current thesis students at the Faculty of Education.

This page lists students currently enrolled to complete a thesis in the Faculty of Education.

Education MEd

Lee Austin

The decision making process leading to curriculum innovation in medium sized New Zealand secondary schools since the introduction of NCEA.

Supervisor - Dr Louise Starkey

Thomas Dravitzki

A phenomenological analysis of the construct of 'religion' in emerging adults within a tertiary education setting.

Supervisor - Chris Bowden

Jennifer Fraser

The role of the Dean within the pastoral care structure of a New Zealand secondary.

Supervisor - Dr Robin Averill

Lukmanul Hakim

Early childhood practitioners' insight on professionalism: views from Indonesia.

Supervisor - Prof Carmen Dalli

Alana Moriarity

Prisoners' Experiences of Foundation Skills: an Intensive Adult Literacy and Numeracy Programme Delivered in New Zealand Prisons

Supervisor - Dr Stephanie Doyle

Aotearoa Muaiava

A phenomenological analysis of Samoan youth experiences with depression.

Supervisor - Chris Bowden

Kaye Stannard

Effective educative mentoring in the New Zealand primary school: Ensuring a successful induction programme for beginning teachers.

Supervisors - Dr Brenda Service and Dr Kate Thornton

Shelley Vaile

Exploring relationships between teachers’ beliefs about the teaching, learning and assessment of mathematics and their application of assessment criteria.

Supervisor - Dr Michael Johnston

Margaret Vaka-Vivili

The Future of Science Education in the Pacific: A Tongan case study.

Supervisor - Dr Louise Starkey

Anna Williams

Academic leaders’ perceptions of the functions of moderation – a mixed methods study.

Supervisors - Dr Michael Johnston and Dr Robin Averill

Education PhD

Sri Puji Astuti

Teachers’ and students’ perception of motivational strategies in an Indonesian high school context.

Supervisors - Dr Carolyn Tait and Cedric Hall

Upendo Biswalo

A postcolonial lens exploring English language teaching in Tanzanian secondary schools: A role for intercultural communicative competence?

Supervisors - A/Prof Catherine Manathunga and Dr Carolyn Tait

Amarie Carnett

Teaching Advanced Manding Skills to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Systematic Instruction, Speech-Generating Devices, and Skinner's Analysis of Verbal Behavior.

Supervisors - Prof Jeff Sigafoos, Dr Flaviu Hodis, Dr Vanessa Green and Dr Larah van der Meer

Ted Cizadlo

Professional Development Program Design for Middle-School Science Teachers.

Supervisors - Dr Dale Anderson, Dr Craig Rofe and Dr Azra Moeed

Wei Dai

The Role of Phonological and Visual Working Memory in Mental Arithmetic: A Perspective from Individual Cognitive Differences.

Supervisors - Dr Michael Johnston and A/Prof Joanna Higgins

Raewyn Eden

Collaborative inquiry to promote Pasifika achievement in mathematics: Explaining the impact on teachers’ knowledge in practice.

Supervisors - A/Prof Joanna Higgins and Dr Lex McDonald

Niusila Faamanatu-Eteuati

Samoan teachers’ perceptions and experiences of classroom behaviour management: Language, strategies and interventions.

Supervisors - Prof Lex McDonald and Dr Sa’ilau Suaalii-Sauni

Ali Glasgow

How language, culture and traditions are supported and promoted for the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau Island communities in Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Supervisors - Dr Cherie Chu and Dr Judith Loveridge

Tien Huynh

Vietnamese Academics' Research Capcity in Tertiary Contexts.

Supervisors - A/Prof Joanna Higgins and Dr Kate Thornton

Zawadi Juma

Exploring the development of biological literacy among Tanzanian secondary school students.

Supervisors - Dr Joanna Kidman and Dr Azra Moeed

Tinh Le

Needs analysis of English for mechanical engineering students in the Vietnamese context.

Supervisors - Dr John Dickie and Dr Gillian Hubbard

Marian McDonald

Academic Women’s Experience of Intersectionality in Higher Education: Navigations, Negotiations and Relationships on Contested Ground.

Supervisors - Dr Joanna Kidman and Dr Sue Cornforth

Angela Millar

Effective leadership practices in low socio-economic New Zealand primary schools: how principal leaders engage for educational success.

Supervisors - Dr Kate Thornton and Dr Liz Jones

Phuong Vu Nguyen

The Role of Teacher-Tailored Student Feedback Augmented with Peer Observation of Teaching in Quality Teachng in Higher Education.

Supervisors - Dr Liz Jones and Dr Dale Anderson

Josta Nzilano

The impact of a social constructivist training programme on the social science tutors’ (lecturers) beliefs and practices in Tanzania’s teacher education colleges.

Supervisors - Dr Lex McDonald and Dr Anne Hynds

Milka V. M. Otieno

The influence of school matrons on girls’ educational experience and social participation in Tanzania.

Supervisors - Dr Sue Cornforth and Dr Joanna Kidman

Farzad Radmehr

Applications of Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy in Mathematics Education: The Teaching, Learning, and assessment of Integration.

Supervisors - Dr Robin Averill and Dr Michael Drake

Laura Roche

Translating pre-linguistic behaviours using micro switch technology to enable non-verbal children with multiple and profound disabilities to functionally communicate.

Supervisors - Prof Jeff Sigafoos, Dr Vanessa green and Dr Larah van der Meer.

Thilegawathy Sithraputhran

How do Tamil Heritage Language Users (THLUs) perceive using Tamil impacts their identities as multilingual speakers in Malaysia?

Supervisors - Dr Margaret Gleeson and Dr Carolyn Tait

Syahro Syerina Syahrin

English Literacy Practices among Primary Schoolchildren in Malaysia.

Supervisors - Dr John Dickie and Dr Carolyn Tait

Hue Tran

Professional learning and development for EFL teacher educators in Vietnamese educational reform context.

Supervisors - Dr Roseanna Bourke and Dr Margaret Gleeson

Thuy Tran

The role of leadership in promoting the Basic English curriculum design and delivery at two selected Vietnamese tertiary institutions.

Supervisors - Dr Kate Thornton and A/Prof Catherine Manathunga

Sukuna S.Vijayadevar

Developing collaborative leadership practices in the Singapore context through professional learning communities.

Supervisors - Dr Kate Thornton and Dr Sue Cherrington

Ribut Wahyudi

Situating English Language Teaching in Indonesia within Critical, Global Dialogue of Theories: A Case Study of Teaching Argumentative Writing and Cross-Cultural Understanding Courses.

Supervisors - A/Prof Catherine Manathunga and Dr Gillian Hubbard