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Tertiary Education for Students with Impairments: A Code of Practice at the Beginning of the Journey by Lise Bird Claiborne and Alexandra Smith (2006) Abstract Text (PDF)
Special Education 2000: Developing a Policy for Inclusive Education in New Zealand by Sue Brown (1996) Abstract Text (PDF)
The Special Education Grant: A Parent and Practitioner View of SE2000 Policy by Margaret Chatfield (1998) Abstract Text (PDF)
Winding Back the Clock: The Retreat of New Zealand Inclusive Education Policy by Nancy Higgins, Jude MacArthur and Missy Morton (2007) Abstract Text (PDF)
Portfolio Assessment as a Means of Professional Development by Elizabeth Jones (2000) Abstract Text (PDF)
Special Education in 1994: Practice in Search of a Policy by Lex McDonald (1994) Abstract Text (PDF)
New Zealand Day-Special School: Changes and Challenges Under Special Education 2000 by Trish McMenamin (2008) Abstract Text (PDF)
Special Education Policy with Regard to Adolescents with  Moderate to Severe Behaviour Needs by Andrea Milligan (2001) Abstract Text (PDF)
How to Make "What Works" Work: A Role for the Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour by Charlotte Thomson (2003) Abstract Text (PDF)
The Development of Resource Teachers in New Zealand: A Quarter Century of Paradigm Change by Charlotte Thomson, Don Brown, Elizabeth Jones and Elizabeth Manins (1999) Abstract Text (PDF)
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