Faculty of Education

Dr Matt McCrudden

Associate Professor
School of Education

Phone: 04 463 5179
Location: Room 509, Malcolm Block, Karori Campus

Dr Matt McCrudden

Teaching in 2015

EDUC 559 - Learning and Motivation
Course Coordinator

EPSY 243 - Educational Psychology
Course Coordinator

EPSY 406 - Learning and Motivation
Course Coordinator

EPSY 506 - Learning and Motivation
Course Coordinator

EPSY 516 - Applied Research Project
Course Coordinator


PhD (University of Nevada-Las Vegas) MA (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) BSBA (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)


Matt McCrudden received his PhD in learning and technology from the Department of Educational Psychology at University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2005. He was an assistant professor at the University of North Florida from 2005-08.  Since 2008, he has been at Victoria University of Wellington and is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Education.  Dr McCrudden has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles on human learning and cognition. He currently serves as an Associate Editor for Contemporary Educational Psychology and is on the review board of four scientific journals including: Journal of Educational Psychology, Educational Psychology Review, Learning and Instruction, and The Journal of Experimental Education.  He is a member of the professional organizations American Educational Research Association and the Society for Text and Discourse.

Current Research

Matt’s current research is focused on how task (eg. pre-reading instructions), text (eg. diagrams, text structure), and learner characteristics (eg. prior knowledge) influence cognitive processes during reading and the products reading (eg. learning and beliefs).

Research Interests

  • The effect of task instructions on attention, thinking, and learning
  • Visual displays in learning
  • Beliefs and reasoning