Faculty of Education

Dr Matt McCrudden

Associate Professor
School of Education

Phone: 04 463 5179
Location: Room 509, Malcolm Block, Karori Campus

Dr Matt McCrudden


PhD (University of Nevada-Las Vegas) MA (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) BSBA (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)


Matt McCrudden received his PhD in learning and technology from the Department of Educational Psychology at University of Nevada-Las Vegas in 2005. Since then he has held an academic appointment at the University of North Florida. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in educational psychology, foundations of cognition and learning, research methods, foundations of assessment, and learning strategies for academic success.

He is currently employed as an Associate Professor in the School of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education at Victoria University of Wellington. Dr McCrudden has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles on learning and reading comprehension. He currently serves on the editorial board of five scientific journals including: Contemporary Educational Psychology, Educational Psychology Review, Educational Psychology, Learning and Instruction, and The Journal of Experimental Education.

Current Research

Matt’s current research is focused on how task (eg. pre-reading instructions), text (eg. diagrams, text structure), and learner characteristics (eg. prior knowledge) influence cognitive processes during reading and the products reading (eg. learning and beliefs).

Research Interests

  • Task-oriented reading (situations in which a reader uses one or more texts to accomplish a reading task).
  • Text relevance (the instrumental value of text information for enabling a reader to meet a reading goal).
  • Reading comprehension.