School of Engineering and Computer Science

COMP-261 – Algorithms and Data Structures

Points:15Prerequisites:COMP 103, MATH 161
School:Engineering & Comp SciRestrictions:None

This course covers a range of algorithms and data structures building on the fundamental structures and algorithms from COMP 103. The major areas covered are: graph algorithms, graphics algorithms and advanced data structures. This course takes a practical approach focusing on the implementation of a wide variety of algorithms.

Tuition Fees

2014: domestic $766.50     international $3,287.55


1 hour every other week


Alex Potanin, Algorithms and Data Structures, Addison-Wesley, 2011

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Trimester 1 2014

* indicates instructor is the course coordinator.

CRNFrom/ToDaysTimeBuilding [Campus]RoomInstructor
18314 3 Mar – 20 Apr 2014Tue, Thu1000 - 1050Hugh Mackenzie [Kelburn]LT205Xiaoying Gao
Alex Potanin
3 Mar – 20 Apr 2014Wed0900 - 0950Hugh Mackenzie [Kelburn]LT205
5 May – 8 Jun 2014Tue, Thu1000 - 1050Hugh Mackenzie [Kelburn]LT205
5 May – 8 Jun 2014Wed0900 - 0950Hugh Mackenzie [Kelburn]LT205