School of Engineering and Computer Science

Below is a list of all current and expected visitors. If you would like more information about a visitor, please talk to the Local Contact. If any details are incorrect, inform the School Office.

  • Josh Bailey - AM410
    16/02/2014 to Unknown
    Research Field:
    Home Institution:
    Local Contact: Andy Linton

  • Sally Blackwell - CO232
    03/03/2014 to 19/12/2014
    Research Field: Energy changes in residential housing
    Home Institution: Otago University
    Local Contact: Dr Rebecca Ford

  • Mozhgan Mohammadpour - CO235
    16/07/2014 to 28/06/2015
    Research Field:
    Home Institution:
    Local Contact: Prof Bastiaan Kleijn

  • Mansoor Shafi - AM227
    19/07/2014 to 26/02/2015
    Research Field:
    Home Institution: Telecom
    Local Contact: Dr Pawel Dmochowski

  • Masaya Nakata - CO347
    20/09/2014 to 19/12/2014
    Research Field: Evolutionary Computation
    Home Institution: National University Corporation University of Electro-Communications Yubinbango182-8585 Chofu, Tokyo 1-5-1 Chofu~keoka
    Local Contact: Dr Will Browne

  • Makoto Kobayashi - AM406
    29/09/2014 to 28/10/2014
    Research Field: Wireless Communication Networks
    Home Institution: Osaka University
    Local Contact: Prof Winston Seah

  • Roberto Santana - CO322
    03/11/2014 to 10/12/2014
    Research Field: Evolutionary Computation, and Machine learniing
    Home Institution: University of the Basque Country
    Local Contact: Prof Mengjie Zhang

  • Jan Pastircak - CO235
    01/12/2014 to 01/09/2015
    Research Field: Cognitive Radio
    Home Institution: Technical University of Kosice
    Local Contact: Dr Pawel Dmochowski

  • Agate Migalska - CO335
    08/12/2014 to 20/02/2016
    Research Field: computer vision
    Home Institution: Politechnika Wroc
    Local Contact: A/Prof John Lewis

  • Kevin Korb - CO322
    08/12/2014 to 11/12/2014
    Research Field: Computational Intelligence, evolutionary simulation
    Home Institution: Monash University
    Local Contact: Prof Mengjie Zhang

  • Tim Kovacs - CO322
    01/02/2015 to 21/02/2015
    Research Field: Learning classifier systems, evolutionary computation
    Home Institution: University of Bristol, UK
    Local Contact: Dr Will Browne