School of Engineering and Computer Science


Professor Dale Carnegie teaches a group of engineering students.

Dedicated staff keep our students interested and engaged.

Staff Vacancies

Staff vacancies within the School of Engineering and Computer Science are advertised on the Victoria University vacancies page.

Student Vacancies

Sessional Assistants - Tutors and Markers

During the teaching semesters, particularly Trimesters 1 and 2, the School offers employment to postgraduate students as tutors and for marking assignments for 100 level courses. Senior undergraduate students with good academic grades are also considered.

Interested students may apply online (use your ECS or ITS account to login), or may contact the School Office for an application form.


The School receives many enquiries about possible Internships, mostly from overseas students. Although some research projects within the School do employ a small number of our current students, we do not employ students from other countries unless they are enrolled in a postgraduate degree at Victoria University.