About us

The School of Engineering and Computer Science prepare students for successful careers as digital engineers and computer scientists.

A computer robot at work.
Our students enjoy using the most cutting-edge technology available.

The School of Engineering and Computer Science was formed in January 2009 in response to a growing need for fully-qualified digital engineers. It brings together the best of engineering and computer science from a well-established group of computer science, engineering and mathematics academic staff.

Although the School sits in the Faculty of Engineering, it also offers studies in Computer Science towards a Bachelor of Science. This allows flexibility for students who want to study Computer Science or Electronics and Computer Systems but do not wish to commit to the four year professional BE(Hons) programme.

Our international staff have wide experience in research and in industry, and expertise in teaching and in leading laboratory sessions. They are also equally passionate about their desire to support students to follow their natural curiosity into new areas of study and research.

The School is equipped with state of the art equipment, situated in both the recently-opened Alan MacDiarmid Building and the newly-renovated Cotton Building. From their first year, students have access to the equipment and laboratory facilities to enable them to develop the practical skills that are an important part of the course. Our teaching programmes take place in new facilities, equipped with the latest technology, and casual areas in the School provide places for students to gather and exchange ideas.

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