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Today’s digital engineers and computer scientists understand, design and creatively apply emerging and established technology to solve problems in our modern world.

Our innovative and flexible programmes will prepare you to take your place in this exciting area. Students from around New Zealand and around the world find a warm welcome here.

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Coming Events

Jan27Seminar Evolutionary Computation for Feature Manipulation in Classification on High-dimensional Data

Speaker: Binh Ngan Tran
Date: Tuesday 27th January 2015
Time: 09:00 AM
Venue: Cotton Club, Cotton 350 More »

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Latest News

23 Jan 2015 - 16:04Cybersecurity
Dr Ian Welch from Victoria University of Wellington and Prof Xun Yi from RMIT have organised an upcoming cybersecurity workshop and conference as part of the Australasian Computer Science Week at the University ... More »
17 Dec 2014 - 14:16Chime Red - making music with Tesla coils
The School of Engineering and Computer Science staff and students are creating unique musical performances involving a trio of Tesla coils. Tesla coils, invented by Serbian American Nickola Tesla in the ... More »

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Daniel Tomicek

Daniel Tomicek “It’s amazing how much this degree has changed me, because now I’m doing presentations all the time,” says the fifth-year engineering student. “I’m even tutoring a first year course, so my communication skills have definitely improved.” Watch Daniel's story


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