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Please note: Information on this page relates to the 2014 academic year unless otherwise specified.

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Design is all around us. It influences and reflects the way we experience the world. New designers must be able to plan, initiate and execute major innovations. They will shape a new generation of products, systems and environments and enhance our lives.

Victoria's School of Design offers students a range of courses that complement various degree programmes offered by the University. If you are interested in design but do not want to commit to the intensive Bachelor of Design Innovation (BDI) degree programme, most of Victoria's Bachelor's degrees allow some design courses to be included in your programme of study.

Our range of elective courses challenge students to use their imagination and lateral thinking to translate critical design issues such as:

  • composition
  • aesthetics
  • identity
  • meaning
  • perception sensitivity to context
  • response to needs and poetic interpretation into innovative design concepts.

You will develop fundamental design skills such as drawing, visualising, modelling and documenting design concepts both physically and in virtual form, and gain an understanding of principles of the design discipline, as well as the ability to establish connections between design theory, design history and design practice and put them into practice.

For more detailed information on these programmes, see the School of Design website.

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Postgraduate information

Please visit our postgraduate study pages on the School of Design website for information about postgraduate qualifications in Design.

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How to find out more

You can order more information on this subject by registering on our Request for Study Material database.

Victoria's Student Recruitment, Admission and Orientation Office offer advice on courses and help with planning your degree.

Contact the School of Design Student Administration Office for information on:

  • admission
  • qualifications and courses
  • course advice and selection criteria
  • exemptions and prerequisites and
  • your Application to Study.

All courses are taught at Victoria's Te Aro Campus.

Faculty Office Architecture and Design
Phone: +64 4 463 6200

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List of courses

100 Level Courses

DSDN 101 – Design Visualisation

DSDN 104 – Digital Creation

DSDN 111 – Ideas and Principles of Design

DSDN 112 – Introduction to Interaction Design

DSDN 141 – Experimenting with Materials

DSDN 142 – Creative Coding

DSDN 144 – Photographics

DSDN 171 – Design in Context

200 Level Courses

CCDN 233 – Design Ethnography

CCDN 244 – Expanded Photographics

DSDN 201 – Scenario Visualisation

DSDN 206 – Identity and the Internet

DSDN 231 – Digital Surface, Form and Space

DSDN 232 – Gamings Concepts + Practices

DSDN 251 – Design Psychology

DSDN 281 – Independent Study

DSDN 283 – Special Topic

DSDN 284 – Special Topic

DSDN 285 – Special Topic

300 Level Courses

DSDN 301 – Digital Visualisation

DSDN 311 – International Design Studio

DSDN 331 – Real-Time Interactive Media

DSDN 332 – Gaming + Theory

DSDN 383 – Special Topic: Strategic Design

DSDN 384 – Special Topic

DSDN 385 – Special Topic