Douglas Easterly

Head of School School of Design

Research interests

Computer Graphics, Digital Storytelling, Drawing, Evolutionary Biology, Graphic Novels, Interaction Design, Mathematics, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction

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MFA University of Texas at Austin, USA

BA University of Dallas, USA


Douglas Easterly is an artist who combines a variety of studio techniques, including drawing, painting, sculpting, electronics and computer programming to address a wide range of interests. Most of his work is inspired by biology, evolution, mathematics and human cultures. His work has been awarded numerous prizes, including: First Place for Digital Storytelling at FILE in 2010; First Place for VIDA Art and Artificial Life in 2004 and Second Place at Transitio 04 in 2011. He also has a project in the permanent collection of MoMA in New York City.


Doug was a cofounder of the artist collective SWAMP. Their new media artworks used performance art, robotics, installation and computer programming to discuss critical perspectives about corrupt and/or unsustainable practices of governments and businesses. An archive of this work can be found at Much of SWAMP’s work relies on elaborate documentation to describe intricate concepts; this feature has led Doug into his current area of research: visual story telling through a hybrid of traditional and digital techniques. Full list of publications by Doug Easterly.



Doug is fascinated with how design acts as a glue, a nexus point, a bridge or a lens for illuminating and understanding other aspects of human culture. When teaching programming, web design, graphic design or interaction design, he often refers to such diverse topics as Mathematics, History, Neuroscience or Evolutionary Psychology to lend substance and guiding principles about the human condition that not only gives design work substance and context, it also makes the practice more interesting.