NZSM 431

Approaches to the Study of Music

Advanced study in the historical development of musicology as a discipline, considering a variety of methodologies and approaches that may be applied to advanced study in music. 2015 Offering: We investigate the relationship between musicology and ethnomusicology, performance, and composition, and develop an awareness of the cross- fertilisations and tensions that exist between musicology and other academic disciplines, such as literary studies. Topics examined include: the applications of feminist and queer theory; approaches to performance studies; the role of nationalism and race; the role of analysis; historiography and reception. Through an examination of these and other issues, students are encouraged to develop a critical (self) awareness that will enable them to develop, contextualise, and question their own approach to music in their academic studies more broadly. 100% internal assessment. Co-taught with MUSC 344.

Taught by the School of New Zealand School of Music, part of the Faculty of New Zealand School of Music

This course is not offered in 2016.

30 points

MUSC 164 or 166, and one of MUSC 220-259;
One of MUSC 320-359, or one of NZSM 430-479, or permission from the Head of School;
MUSC 344, NZSM 344.