MUSC 331

Studies in Instrumental Music

Advanced study of selected instrumental works, considered from a range of historical, analytic and critical perspectives. 2013 Offering: The Symphony Orchestra. This course explores the history, repertoire, and modus operandi of the symphony orchestra. The distinguishing characteristic of this paper is that it deals with the interface between musicology and the factors affecting artistic decision making in the symphony orchestra. It thus engages with various aspects of contemporary musicology, particularly canon critique, agency theory, reception studies, and historical performance practice. Students will also be introduced to the various aspects of professional orchestral and arts management.

Taught by the School of New Zealand School of Music, part of the Faculty of New Zealand School of Music

This course is not offered in 2014.

20 points

MUSC 167 and 20 pts from MUSC 220-259;
NZSM 231, 133.201