MUSC 248

Pop Music Since the 1950s

A critical analysis of the development of popular music from the 1950s to the present, examining diverse genres, the musical techniques employed to achieve the desired outcomes, and the cultural contexts in which the music is created. 2015 Trimester 1: 70% internal assessment, 30% final examination. 2015 Trimester 3: The Beatles. It was more than fifty years ago that The Beatles had their first hit with 'Love Me Do'. The following eight years saw them release a dozen albums and tour the world to universal acclaim. Their music changed the face of popular music and the popular music industry, and their example influenced the wider culture. This course examines the music of The Beatles and the culture in which it was produced, and considers the traces their work has left in the cultural matrix. Students will listen to the music, read contemporary and subsequent accounts of the band, and use web-based resources to critically consider both this music and the contexts in which it was heard. 100% internal assessment.

Taught by the School of New Zealand School of Music, part of the Faculty of New Zealand School of Music

20 points

40 100-level points;
MUSC 349

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CRN 25169

Trimester 3

Teaching dates 14th November 2016 - 23rd December 2016

A full timetable for this course is not currently available. Please contact the School of New Zealand School of Music for more information, or check back later.

This course is taught at the NZSM - VUW Kelburn campus.