INFO 538


A period of work experience in an information service for students with little or no prior relevant work experience. The placement will be subject to protocols and managed through a set of learning objectives, and must be approved by the course coordinator before commencement.

Taught by the School of Information Management, part of the Faculty of Commerce

15 points

60 500-level INFO pts

Tuition fees


Note: To allow enough time to find a suitable host and mentor for a practical attachment, a student wishing to take INFO 538 must contact the INFO 538 Coordinator at least eight weeks before the start of the relevant trimester. It is not enough to enrol, formal contact must be made. The Course Coordinator may refuse to allow a student to start INFO 538 if insufficient notice has been given.


Establishment of the placement is to be arranged and approved by the academic supervisor. Responsibility for onsite supervision lies with the mentor employed by the host organisation. The academic supervisor will conduct assessment, with some informal input from the mentor. The academic supervisor will brief the onsite supervisor.

The mentor will:

  • assist the student develop the topic for a Practicum project;
  • provide all suitable support and information for the student’s Practicum project;
  • act as a facilitator, teacher, observer, evaluator, and role model;
  • provide the student with tasks suitable for an emerging information professional;
  • teach and supervise the student in performing any unfamiliar task;
  • seek out additional learning experiences for the student as opportunities arise;
  • provide constructive feedback to the student on performance throughout the Practicum;
  • introduce the student to other staff members, helping the student to understand the structure and mission of the organisation;
  • raise problems or potential problems with the academic supervisor;
  • informally assist with evaluation of the student’s performance in the Practicum.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the Practicum will be established and evaluated through a student plan of learning that is agreed to by the academic supervisor and the hosting mentor.

By the end of the INFO 538 course, the student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate enhanced personal, technical, and professional skills and knowledge.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the information professions and the workplace where these operate.
  3. Show enhanced understanding of the relationship between theory and practice.


Students will be expected to construct a reading list appropriate their needs, after consultation with the academic supervisor.

Materials and Equipment

The student is responsible for expenses involved in transport, dress, equipment, accommodation, etc. during the Practicum.

Assessment Requirements

Journal and Portfolio (50%) – due at the end of the trimester

Practicum Project Report (50%) – due at the end of the trimester

Mandatory Course Requirements

Students on the Practicum will be required to attend the workplace for a number of hours agreed in advance with the host organisation. They will also need to complete both pieces of assessment.

CRN 11262

Trimester 1

Teaching dates 29th February 2016 - 29th June 2016

CRN 11263

Trimester 2

Teaching dates 11th July 2016 - 13th November 2016

CRN 11265

Trimester 3

Teaching dates 14th November 2016 - 26th February 2017