HIST 218

Historical Methods

An introduction to historical methods and practical research skills, emphasising the use of new information technologies for the study of history. 100% internal assessment.

Taught by the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & Int'l Relations, part of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

This course is not offered in 2015.

20 points

As for HIST 215.

Set Texts

John Tosh, The Pursuit of History, 4th ed, New York, 2006

HIST 218 Book of Readings and Research Project Workbook. Available from VicBooks, Student Union Building.

Recommended Reading

Keith Windschuttle, The Killing of History, 1994

Donald R Kelley (ed), Versions of History from Antiquity to the Enlightenment, New Haven, 1991

Norman F Cantor, Inventing the Middle Ages. The lives, works and ideas of the great medievalists of the twentieth century, New York, 1991

Herbert Butterfield, The Origins of History, 1981

Bernard Lewis, History Remembered, Recovered, Invented, 1975