HIST 215

Creating the United States, 1776-1890

This course examines the early history of the USA as it expanded across the North American continent, became an industrial power, emancipated slaves, and dispossessed native peoples. It looks at the effects of the United States' origins in an age of popular literacy as shaping a distinctive cultural, social and political system. 100% internal assessment.

Taught by the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science & Int'l Relations, part of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

This course is not offered in 2016.

20 points

40 pts from (HIST 100-199, CLAS 104, 105)

Set Text

HIST215 Book of Readings. Available from Vicbooks.

Note: Seminar readings that are available electronically have not been included in the Book of Readings but are available via links on the course Blackboard site.