The Baines Wylie Library was founded on the library collection of the late Bishop Henry Baines of Wellington and, more recently, from funds bequeathed to it by David Wylie, former Chief Librarian at VUW.

The Collection
In 2002 the library was reviewed. This resulted in the establishment of new terms of reference for the library and, consequently, a cull of stock and a new acquisition policy for the library being established.

The collection has been catalogued according to the Library of Congress Subject Catalogue System (LOC).

As you might expect, most of our books fall within the Religion Section though this includes subcategories relating to the many different disciplines found within the modern academy.

Do take the time to browse our database on line. In time we hope to offer reviews of new acquisitions in addition to the Amazon reviews listed (see our new aquisitions and reviews page). If you wish to borrow a book visit during opening hours or contact the librarian (see below).

Library Use
The library is available to all members. Membership costs are as follows:

Students: $10 per year
Other Borrowers: $25 per year

Members may borrow up to four books for four weeks. One renewal may be made up to one day before the due date unless the book has been previously reserved. Books must be returned ON TIME! (please – ta thank you very much)

If a book is not returned on time, there may be a fine at the discretion of the Librarian. These are usually set to NZ$0.50 a day per book.

Book Loss or Damage
For damaged books, a Notice of Replacement will be issued to the borrower for not less than 70% of the current replacement value as determined by the Librarian. For lost books, full replacement costs will be required. Receipts are issued for all payments.

Opening Hours
Chaplain: hours (most times, Monday to Friday)

Bookings can be made and arrangements for collection/return of books outside of these hours by contacting the chaplain.