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Te Puna Karaiti is located in the heart of the university’s Kelburn campus at Ramsey House, 8 Kelburn Parade, opposite the lower Hunter Lawn entrance.

Ramsey House provides a warm space where students can hang out between lectures, catch lunch, meet with friends, study or pray. Hospitality, good (fair trade, organic) coffee and music are on offer at Ramsey from 7:30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

The music is piped directly from our Human FM studio located in the building and broadcasting on 88.1 or streaming from the website. Drop by and see Nat the station manager if you want to see how it all works.

The coffee comes from our own café outlet – Becs – but you don’t have to buy anything to come in and make yourself at home – especially on cold winter days. A lounge area, toilets accessible by wheelchair, a theological library and chapel are some of the facilities on offer.

Human FM 88.1
88.1 Human FM: Alternative music, stimulating interviews, experimental programming reflecting an eschatological view of human purpose… and much more. Read the full story…

You might want to check out some of our art works by Hayley Hamilton, Piera McArthur, Lily Emo and others. Students involved in the Chaplaincy’s life live directly above the downstairs facilities so there’s always someone about the place even if the café has closed for the day.

A key part of AngChap’s mission is to foster Christian reflection on academic, social, political and cultural issues. Part of doing this is sponsoring in-depth lecture series and Bible studies. Many other events centre on Ramsey House.

The role of the Chaplaincy within the University is quite varied and the pages of this site carry a heap of information about the different programmes and services we provide. Have a browse (especially check out the Worship & Prayer, What’s On and Issues pages).

If you want to become directly involved in the work of Te Puna Karaiti there are some very practical things you can do. Contact the Chaplain directly. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Find out about why Te Puna Karaiti exists and what it aims to achieve.

The Chaplaincy’s logo has a contemporary feel which still echoes the solidity of tradition. AngChap is associated with both the university and the cross.

The mission of AngChap ~ Te Puna Karaiti is to serve VUW through witness to the good news of Jesus Christ – the Gospel. The cross is the heart of the Gospel. The design used here appears as the half title in A New Zealand Prayer Book / He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa. and is the symbol of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. Designed by artist Ross Hemera, it symbolises a church of three tikanga or cultural streams.

The coming together in the Chaplaincy of both tikanga Maori and Pakeha in ministry within the University is emphasised by the use of te reo in our logo – Te Puna Karaiti O Te Wananga O Te Upoko O Te Ika A Maui – which translates as “The Well (spring, pool) of Christ within Wellington University.”