Victoria University Continuing Education

Victoria University Continuing Education

How to Watch a Ballet

There are hundreds of ways to watch a ballet. This course considers six of them, focusing on choreography, music, design, dance technique, dance literature, and notation and repertoire... Starts 16 February>>


A Journey Through Jewish Klezmer Music

<p>Let members of the Wellington band the Klezmer Rebs take you on a journey through Klezmer music from historical, cultural, linguistic and musical perspectives... Starts 2 March>>


Sekhmet's Rage: A military history of ancient Egypt

During the 3,000 years of its history, Egypt’s military might enabled both defence and aggression in its dealings with neighbouring peoples. This course aims to provide an insight into the major events in Egypt’s ancient military past... Starts 12 February>>


Climb Your Family Tree: First steps in research

This intensive two-day course will show you how to start researching your family history through your computer - where to go, what you might find out and how this leads you to further information... Starts 14 February>>

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