Victoria University Continuing Education

Victoria University Continuing Education

Ethical issues of the information age

Investigate how contemporary information technologies often raise unexpected ethical dilemmas, from cyber bullying to phone hacking and whistle blowing. Starts 12 April 2017 >>

Wolves in Girls' Clothing: When girl characters enter fantasy worlds

When innocent little girls enter fantasy worlds, things often don’t turn out to be innocent at all. This course focuses on what happens both to the girl protagonists and the worlds they enter when the likes of Alice and Dorothy march into fantasyland. Starts 20 March 2017>>

Renaissance Rivalry: Art patronage in Rome, Siena and Florence

Examine the agendas of different art patrons, like the Medici family, and how this affected the art that was commissioned during, and helped to define, the Renaissance period.  Starts 20 April 2017>>

New Zealand's First Military Adventure: Revisiting the Anglo-Boer War

Explore the causes of the Anglo-Boer War from both sides of the struggle and how the small colony of New Zealand contributed.  Starts 22 April 2017>>

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