Victoria University Continuing Education

Victoria University Continuing Education

Ethical Issues of our Time: Computers, climate and conception

Contemporary technologies often raise unexpected ethical dilemmas. Learn to think creatively and critically about reproductive biology, climate change, information ownership and other contemporary issues...  Starts Wednesday 1 October>>


Classic Films of French Cinema

Watch and discuss six classic French films where the changing definition of French identity and the prolonged despair brought about by the economic crisis, and other issues are played out in the intimacy of the characters’ love lives... Starts 6 October>>


Commemoration and Celebration: In the footsteps of World War II Kiwi soldiers in Italy, Study Tour May 2015

Barbara Pezzotti will lead this tour to Italy starting in Rome. The itinerary includes key sites where New Zealand soldiers fought and will also be an opportunity to celebrate life, and experience Italian culture and hospitality as the Kiwi soldiers did...  More>>


Evolutionary Psychology in Everyday Life

Why do we gossip and watch soaps? Why are we moral (sometimes)? How do we choose our mates? This 8-week course examines humanity’s evolutionary past and how it continues to shape our daily activities... Starts Thursday 2 October>>


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