Victoria University Continuing Education

Victoria University Continuing Education

Art in War

This 5-week course examines the history of art crime during periods of armed conflict, from classical antiquity, the Fourth Crusade, the Thirty Years’ War, the Napoleonic era, the First and Second World Wars, through to Iraq and Afghanistan... Starts 8 April>>


The Mayan Civilisation

Learn about the important features of the great Mayan civilisation – from science and mythology to architecture and society – and its influence in modern Mexico. Starts 5 May>> A great introduction to the upcoming study tour Mexico: Mayan to Modern later this year.


La Cenerentola: An introduction to Rossini’s opera

Enhance your experience of NZ Opera's La Cenerentola in this afternoon course with Peter Baillie... Sunday 29 March>>


The How and Why of Modern Art

This four-week course provides a short illustrated account of how “modern art” came into being and why now, after post-modernism, contemporary art looks like it does.... Starts 24 March>>

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