Victoria University Continuing Education

Victoria University Continuing Education
Painting of Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Tropes: A chronological guide to the complete works

By looking at Shakespeare's plays in chronological order rather than category, and as a complete body of work, this course will rearrange the way you think about Shakespeare’s canon.  Starts Saturday 1 October >>

Picture of Clinton and Trump Campaign Badges

The 2016 US Election: Playing for Trumps

Given the high level of interest the 2016 US presidential election has generated, this timely course aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of this election. It sets the election in context – how does the US political system and electoral college system actually elect presidents and vice presidents? Starts Thursday 13 October >>

Picture of Putin

Putin's Wars

In the era of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s resurgent foreign policy has aroused both admiration and anxiety. Is a new Cold War unfolding between Russia and the European Union? This course introduces the military conflicts of the Russian Federation, including the wars in Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine and Syria. Starts Wednesday 12 October >>

University students protesting the Vietnam War

New Zealand and the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War remains New Zealand’s most controversial conflict experience. Fifty years on, what is the significance of a war that humbled a superpower and politicised a generation of young people around the world? Starts Tuesday 1 November >>

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