Top-ranked university for research

Victoria University of Wellington has a unique and proud history as the country’s globally ranked capital city university. Victoria is consistently ranked within the top 1.5 percent of universities internationally and we are New Zealand’s top-ranked university for research quality.

Victoria’s connections and influence at local, national and international levels are strengthened by our capital city status. As a global civic university, Victoria’s researchers lead thinking on the big questions facing society. Their work addresses global challenges for the benefit of communities in New Zealand and internationally.

Our research

At Victoria our staff are passionate about finding solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems—find out more about our research.

It was designed to keep people out ... Here's how to get your business in

Victoria is committed to enhancing New Zealand’s role as a trading nation in the Asia-Pacific region. An area of focus is helping kiwi companies do business in Asia.

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Great wall of china
3D printing versus live organs

If you can 3D print a playing violin, why not 3D print a pumping heart?

3D printing is transforming how we create things and pushing the boundaries of what is possible—could it be the way forward for manufacturing in New Zealand?

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Imagine converting sunlight into enough energy to power the world

Victoria is making advancements in capturing and utilising sunlight through low-cost solar cell technology that could sustainably meet the world’s energy needs.

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Solar power
MS cells under the microscope

What happens when your body's defences attack you?

Researchers at Victoria are devising ways to treat auto-immune disorders using repurposed medications.

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Ruthless villains?

Wasps are taking a heavy toll on our ecosystems and economy. Victoria scientists are devising novel ways to wipe wasps out—hopefully for good.

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Justice system

Does our justice system treat people equally?

Whether people are treated equally when it comes to welfare, pensions and sentences for financial crimes reveals a lot about New Zealand society.

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