Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research

Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research

The Centre for Cross-Cultural Research responds to the challenges of globalisation, migration and growing cultural diversity through sound theory and research.

We are part of the School of Psychology at Victoria University and offer postgraduate degrees in cross-cultural psychology. Our members are leading New Zealand diversity researchers, and we maintain close ties to international researchers at the highest levels.             CACR brochure

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19 March 2014 Prof Peter Smith presents in NZ on cross-cultural leadership
Visiting Professor, Peter Smith from Sussex University, will be presenting on 'Managing Cross Cultural Differences in the Workplace' in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand. Read more
24 January 2014 Keen to become a CACR intern?
Keen to become a CACR intern in 2014? Read more
24 January 2014 2014 Term Dates
Here are the 2014 Term Dates to help with your planning for the year. Read more

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Research Summaries

Our 1-page research summaries are quick and easy ways to synthesise our cross-cultural research.

You can access them here.

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'Building Cultural Competency' Course

CACR's new 1-day intercultural training course has been launched in April 2014. The course teaches the knowledge, awareness and skills to work effectively with people from other cultures. Read more »