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Elzine Braasch


Master of Building Science student

Elzine Braasch was drawn to Building Science from her first year, seeing it as a way to make a difference to the way we live and behave within our built environments. 

“It’s an opportunity to improve the performance of our buildings here in New Zealand, and to do our part for the world.”

This passion attracted Elzine to her major in Sustainable Systems Engineering. “I’ve dreamt of being part of a team which would design a building that not only was aesthetically pleasing but functioned well in terms of keeping the occupants comfortable, increasing well-being and productivity, and reducing energy consumption.” 

Elzine says Victoria and the city of Wellington is like no other. “It’s very artistic which helps inspire the work we do at the Te Aro campus. The student life provides plenty of events and activities for us to do.”

Elzine has been a student representative on the Faculty of Architecture and Design Board since 2011, and for a number of years led a group of first year students as a Campus Coach. 

“Victoria has offered me the opportunity to develop my leadership and interpersonal relationship skills. As a Campus Coach I was able to mentor several students through their first few weeks. I remember in my first year the programme gave me plenty of opportunities to meet people in my specialty.”

Now a Master’s student, Elzine says teamwork and bouncing ideas off others has been key to her learning.

“The relationships you are able to build with your lecturers, tutors and university staff is invaluable. My advice would be to take advantage of the studio and the ability to ask others for help.”