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Patrick Li

Second-year Architecture student

Patrick LiHaving already studied overseas, Patrick Li can say with conviction that Victoria provides a good student experience. “In terms of social opportunities, student development, and health and financial services, I feel like Victoria is resourceful and balanced.”

Originally from Costa Rica, Patrick had an early interest in fine arts and geography, leading him to study Architecture. “I enjoy observing landscapes and built environments, and architecture seemed like a discipline that merges the creative and the practical to influence society at all scales.”

Academically, Patrick finds the competitive environment of the School of Architecture a positive challenge, “in first year, the competitiveness may seem daunting, but I feel like it really motivates students to bring out the best in themselves, and the high quality work produced keeps coming through in second year, where I am now.”

But despite the challenges, the setting of Wellington provides an inspirational and welcoming atmosphere. “Overall, I feel like Wellington is a very calm city to live in, my favourite place is the waterfront, where I can release stress and take in the fresh air … I ended up in Wellington due to my love of travelling, and I like to take on such opportunities as they come. Victoria can offer me a strong foundation in architecture that I can use as a step to extend my studies around the world.”

“One of my life goals is to create something that is both remembered and studied by future generations.”


Gordon Yung

Gordon YungMaster of Architecture  (Professional) student

In Gordon’s third year of undergraduate study at Victoria’s School of Architecture he began a blog to record his work. It has since become a collection of precedents and online resources from his time at the university and has amassed about 4,000 followers.

Gordon’s success in his chosen area of study and the interest he draws from other like-minded people is motivated by an enjoyment of drawing. “I have always been interested in the creative fields and the process of creating through design.”

“My fascination with drawing throughout school was a massive driver for me to try my hand at architecture, which I saw as both a challenging and exciting profession.”

Once he got to Victoria, the preconceptions he had about what the field entailed expanded greatly, moving him to participate in the community wherever he could. “I have been a part of both national and international competitions, an opportunity that allowed me to receive personal feedback from architects and compare my work against other students from around the world … in particular, the chance to enter my project in the RIBA Presidents Medal was the most challenging and rewarding experience of my university studies.”

Gordon’s project, Proximity and Architecture—Constructing Territories, explored the relationship between occupation, food and the city. It was shortlisted for the RIBA Presidents Medal in 2012, was the runner-up in the AAA Cavalier Bremworth Unbuilt Architecture Awards 2012 and won the Team Architects Scholarship in Architecture 2012 alongside projects from his peers. Modestly, Gordon credits a lot of this to the University. “The success of this project would not have been possible without the guidance and support that I received from my design tutor and course coordinator at Victoria.”

Gordon’s blog can be found at