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AProf Nancy Bertler

Associate Professor
Antarctic Research Centre

Phone: 04 463 6196
Location: Room 511, Cotton Building, Gate 7, Kelburn Parade, Kelburn Campus

AProf Nancy Bertler


BSc Ludwig Max (1997); MSc Holloway (1998); PhD Wellington (2004)

Roles and responsibilities

Under the umbrella of the Joint Antarctic Research Institute (JARI) I am jointly appointed by Victoria University of Wellington and GNS Science to lead the National Ice Core Research programme, to manage the National Ice Core Research Facility, and to lead Antarctic field deployments for our ice core research.

Current graduate students

International commitments

Current research

  • Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution (RICE) Project
    The principle focus of this project is to improve our understanding on the stability of the Ross Ice Shelf and West Antarctic Ice Sheet in a warming world and implications for global sea level change.
  • Antarctic Climate Change in the 21st Century
    AntClim21 is one of six flagship research programmes hosted by SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research). The principle focus of this programme is how the Antarctic / Southern Ocean environment will change over the 21st Century and beyond. AntClim21 can also be followed on Facebook via SCAR Antarctic Climate 2100.
  • Antarctic Climate Archives Programme
    This objective contributes to the GNS Science led research programme Global Change through Time (PI Dr Chris Hollis) and focuses on the analysis and interpretation of high resolution climate archives from Antarctica and the integration of these records with  records from the Southern Ocean and New Zealand over the past ~100,000 years.
  • New Zealand ITASE
    This long established programme focuses on the reconstruction of the Antarctic / Southern Ocean environment over the past 200 years to extend the observational record beyond the anthropogenic influence.
  • Antarctic - New Zealand Interglacial Extremes (ANZICE)
    This project focuses on the Antarctic - New Zealand - Southern Ocean interactions to provide improved projections for New Zealand in a warming world.
  • Polar to Tropical Connections
    This virtual institute focuses on tropical / polar drivers of Southern Hemisphere climate variability, trends, and feedbacks.
  • Ross Sea Climate and Ecosystem Response
    This objective contributes to the NIWA-led research programme (PI Dr David Bowden) which focuses on marine ecosystem vulnerability to climate variability.


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