Antarctic Research Centre

Antarctic Research Centre

Our mission is to better understand Antarctic climate history and processes, and their influence on the global climate system, especially in New Zealand and the southwest Pacific region.

We believe this research opens up exciting opportunities and challenges for young scientists, as well as providing a sound basis for international debate and policy development on global change issues.


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28 October 2014 Antarctic themed reading room opens in Central Library
Wellington’s scorching sun created a cool coincidence last week as a ceremony was held to open an Antarctic themed reading room at Victoria University. Read more
28 October 2014 Sea ice belt plays key role in preventing Antarctic melting
Changes to the Southern Ocean’s sea ice belt could mean future ice sheet melt and global sea level rising several metres in coming centuries, according to Victoria University of Wellington research.  Read more
23 October 2014 What Antarctica’s past reveals about future climate
A PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington’s Antarctic Research Centre is looking to the distant past to discover what’s ahead for the world’s climate. Read more

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IceSked is the newsletter of the Antarctic Research Centre.  The newsletter is produced bi-annually in June and December and contains short articles about the current research by our staff and students as well as highlighting recent news and events. In the latest issue we plan for the future, prepare to celebrate the past, as well as share some science in action! Read more »

Peter Neff collecting ice cores from Roosevelt Island, Antarctica

Peter Neff

Peter has spent nearly 4 months in Antarctica, measuring rare earth element concentrations in ice to understand the processes controlling aerosol transport to Antarctica. Originally from the US, Peter came to Victoria University to experience the research environment in another country. More »