Antarctic Research Centre

Antarctic Research Centre

Our mission is to better understand Antarctic climate history and processes, and their influence on the global climate system, especially in New Zealand and the southwest Pacific region.

We believe this research opens up exciting opportunities and challenges for young scientists, as well as providing a sound basis for international debate and policy development on global change issues.


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15 January 2016 Top geological researcher Dr Colin Summerhayes visits the ARC
A leading geologist and Antarctic climate researcher from the University of Cambridge is a guest of the ARC this week, delivering two free public lectures at Victoria University of Wellington. Read more
30 November 2015 Research shows reality of runaway ice loss in Antarctica
A new study led by ARC/SGEES researchers reveals the potential for runaway ice loss in Antarctica. Read more
11 November 2015 Ocean exploration brings research honour for Professor Lionel Carter
Lionel Carter has been awarded the 2015 Hutton Medal for his outstanding scientific contribution. Read more

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Latest Dec issue of ARC Newsletter

With the global negotiations in Paris this month, the timing for newly published, highly relevant research from ARC staff and students could not be better. These studies highlight the importance of limiting global warming to less than 2oC above pre-industrial levels if major loss of the Antarctic ice sheet is to be prevented. Read more»

Chris Kraus in front of a high view of Antarctic snow and mountains

Chris Kraus

Last summer Chris joined ARC staff on the expedition to the Friis Hills in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica. Chris describes the two weeks in the mountains collecting data as "a dream come true". Now Chris is working toward an MSc using data from a much older expedition to Antarctica. More »