Enhancing what's important

Victoria is committed to helping New Zealand and the world develop a sustainable and resilient future, and being a leader in sustainable practice.

What we do

Contributing to a sustainable and resilient future—watch the video from theme co-chairs Associate Professor Marjan van den Belt and Dr Stephen Hartley.

Enhancing resilience and sustainability of our natural heritage and capital

This involves developing ways to work within our ecological limits and having the ability and strength to respond positively to current and future challenges.

To meet these challenges, Victoria is taking an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach, combining expertise from many areas across the University. We are also advancing our own capability and forming strong relationships and partnerships with other organisations working in the areas of sustainability and resilience.

Student success

Student competition saving power

Victoria student, Bethany Paterson, is behind a popular energy-saving competition between Victoria halls of residence to promote changes in electricity consumption. The initiative was a finalist in the 2016 Green Gown Awards Australasia, in the Student Engagement category.

Featured research

The effects of climate change show the iconic beehive building under water

Two degrees warmer?

The world is warming up—analysis of observations by Victoria researchers, shows that the average global temperature is now 1°C higher than it was 200 years ago.

Penguins on a large iceberg floating in the sea in Antarctica

Digging deeper

Victoria climate scientists are leading international research into how Antarctica is responding to global warming and what that means for the future.