Culture is central

Why it’s essential to put culture at the heart of decision-making in New Zealand.

What we do

Victoria is the prime location for Enriching national culture, theme co-chairs Professor Lydia Wevers and Dr Maria Bargh explain in this video.

Enriching national culture

Victoria University is the country’s leading institution for vigorous, imaginative and challenging research on our national culture. As such, we attract scholars and students with expertise in these areas from all disciplines and lead thinking that contributes to innovative teaching and policymaking.

Victoria recognises the foundational importance of Māori culture to New Zealand and views the Treaty of Waitangi as a living organism—a partnership that enables communities to foster dynamic and productive interactions.

Putting national culture at the centre of debate connects many issues of justice, equity, history and place. The multidisciplinary breadth of Victoria’s work produces new and exciting initiatives in teaching, research and analysis, and extends to inter-institutional collaborations.

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