Meet the team

The steering group leads work under the Stimulating a design-led, high value manufacturing region theme reflects the multidisciplinary nature of Victoria.


Deputy Chair


  • AProf Justin Hodgkiss

    Associate Professor, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
    Research Areas:
    Molecular electronics, photovoltaics, solar energy conversion, nanotechnology, laser spectroscopy
  • Derek Kawiti

    Senior Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Digital Design, School of Architecture
  • Prof Mark McGuinness

    Professor of Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematics and Statistics
    Research Areas:
    Modelling industrial problems, biofilms, geothermal wellbores, sand dunes, vulcanian eruptions
  • Dr Ben Ruck

    Associate Professor - Physics, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
  • Prof Marc Aurel Schnabel

    Dean , Architecture and Design Faculty Office
    Research Areas:
    Virtual & Augmented Environments, Design Pedagogy, Virtual Design Studio, collaborative design, Social network learning, Multi-touch table-top, AR & VR Design Studios. Design communication & consultancy. Design Methodology, Parametric modelling, BIM & CIM, algorithmic design. Design Simulation, Urban & environment analysis/simulation, Urban form & thermal comfort, Traffic & urban design (UC-Win Road), BIM/CIM real-time simulation (FUZOR), Design Visualization. Architectural narratives, story tel


  • Prof Kate McGrath

    Prof Kate McGrath

    Office of the Vice-Provost (Research)
    Research Areas:
    Emulsions, biomineralisation, liquid crystals, self assembly, gels, materials science, soft matter, 3D printing, bone mimicks