Technology of tomorrow

Empowering a manufacturing capital with freedom to imagine and invent. Wellington is the creative capital of New Zealand, and as its university, we are committed to supporting the next generation of innovators.

What we do

Victoria has all the ingredients to translate ideas into tangible products—watch theme chair Professor Simon Fraser explain the University’s vision.

Stimulating a design-led, high-value manufacturing region

A 3D printed clay pavilion for an east coast iwi, child-safe batteries that could save lives, and high temperature superconductors for transportable MRI scanners in healthcare-deprived areas—our students and staff are designing the technology of tomorrow.

The expertise at Victoria University enables us to make high-tech dreams a reality. This means marrying inspiration with practical know-how and cross-pollinating our disciplines—pairing engineers with ethnographers, nanotechnologists with designers, agri-tech experts with authors, health clinicians with computer scientists and enterprise with academia, to facilitate new models of manufacturing that play to our strengths and location.

We recognise the value of embracing an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and fostering research, teaching and external engagement that stimulates the creation of a globally-connected highly productive creative-capital.