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Victoria’s capability can be applied to many problems, projects and possibilities. Work with us to advance better government in New Zealand.

The University is ideally placed to interweave its teaching and research with analysing and evaluating government, addressing significant questions around the legitimacy and inclusiveness of government and its processes and focusing on accountability in the exercise of public power.

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Professor Mark Hickford, Chair of the Advancing better government theme, discusses Victoria’s leadership in providing long term thinking on important issues.

Victoria University researchers collaborate closely with central government, the public service, the judiciary, non-governmental organisations and the community on important policy issues facing New Zealand.

Chair of the Advancing Better Government theme Professor Mark Hickford, explains that Victoria is uniquely placed to advance better government by offering medium- to long-term thinking on important issues, such as constitutional reform and improving citizen participation in our democracy.

The key to advancing better government is bringing together researchers from a range of disciplines, and establishing a long-lasting dialogue between them and the broader community.

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