Governing for the future

As a capital city university, Victoria advances better government by aiding interaction between world-class scholars, dynamic business communities and government agencies.

What we do

Victoria works with government, the judiciary and others to provide independent policy thinking—watch the video from theme chair Professor Mark Hickford.

Advancing better government

We have strong relationships with the public sector, business and the diplomatic community while retaining the independence to engage critically in a non-partisan way.

Victoria University’s capability in advancing better government positions it to be the pre-eminent centre for expertise, insight and engagement in the legislative and regulatory systems to protect the interests of the future.

We play a unique role by aiding interaction between world-class scholars, dynamic business communities and the three branches of Government—executive, legislative and judicial.

Our capability is world-class and multidisciplinary—there is a breadth of expertise drawn from many areas across the University—across research, teaching and engagement.

Collaborative research

NCEA and Transitioning to University

Victoria researchers are investigating how well New Zealand’s NCEA system prepares students for university study, and how the system might be improved.

Upcoming events

23 March 2017


Improving intergenerational governance

Victoria University of Wellington is committed to the goal of advancing better government, locally and globally. The symposium at Parliament on 23 March is one of a series of events designed to contribute to this objective. Hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Paula Bennett, it brings together local and international researchers, senior public servants and private sector representatives to explore the challenges of governing well for the future.