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Work with us to spearhead the digital future you envisage. Our research can provide practical answers to real-life problems.

Researchers from all parts of the University collaborate to explore complex problems associated with digital futures. We work with partners and stakeholders to identify the most pressing problems and design multidisciplinary, high quality research projects that can provide knowledge and solutions.

We are focused on how the digital age affects individuals, organisations and society, with a particular emphasis on unlocking the intellectual potential of Māori and addressing issues important to Māori.

Leadership and vision for the digital age

Victoria University is applying its expertise to helping companies, organisations, government and individuals prepare for the digital age.

Professor Benoit Aubert, Chair of the Spearheading our digital futures theme, says the changes technology is bringing to the way people work, live and think are significant and Victoria staff have the skills and understanding to help people understand, adapt and take full advantage of them.

“It’s vital that people understand we can influence and create the digital future. We want to ensure people are active participants and not just spectators.

“Come and give us a challenge,” he says. “Bring us a problem and we will try to solve it.”

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For more information on Spearheading digital futures at Victoria and to find out how you can work with us, contact:

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Collaborate and work with our researchers

Victoria has researchers and experts in many areas, who work with a range of agencies and organisations to research new ideas and develop new initiatives.

For more information about working with our world-class staff and students, contact the Research Office.