Circle Versus Square: VR as the Third Experience

Victoria researchers are investigating how to use 3D printing technologies and soundscapes, 360 camera rigs, and live performance to produce a VR to exhibit.

Much of the technology behind filmmaking has changed in the last 150 years, but the formal language of cinema and its predecessor, theatre, have come to be defined by the shape of the rectangle. For Virtual Reality (VR), this opens up a series of opportunities and challenges.

Can the experience of VR be built around our present understanding of cinema and theatre?

And how do we create the artifice most fictional storytelling requires, while still concealing the apparatus needed to construct it in a spherical environment?

Raqi Syed, lecturer School of Design and Miriam Ross, senior lecturer, School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies are researching how to use 3D printing technologies, 360 camera rigs, 3D soundscapes, and live performance to produce a VR short for the purpose of exhibition.