Our digital future

Leadership and vision for the digital age—imagining, exploring and enabling the possibilities of our digital future.

What we do

Victoria is uniquely placed to help Wellington and New Zealand prepare for the digital future—watch the video from theme chair Professor Benoit Aubert.

Spearheading digital futures

The possibilities presented by the digital age are multifaceted, exciting and complex. From information-sharing, shopping and learning, to how we work, travel and live, our world is increasingly impacted by digital technologies.

Victoria University will be a leader in imagining and exploring the possibilities of a digital age. We have the knowledge and capability to design technologies that will enable a digital future, the expertise to understand and communicate what a digital future will mean for individuals, organisations and society and a mandate to prepare young people to be educated citizens in a digital society.

Researchers from all disciplines at Victoria University are collaborating to explore and find solutions to the many challenges and opportunities associated with our digital future.

Collaborative research

VR as the Third Experience

Raqi Syed and Miriam Ross are researching how to use 3D printing technologies, 360 camera rigs, 3D soundscapes, and live performance to produce a VR short for the purpose of exhibition.

Research projects


Analytics and Government

This research project will gain insights into how data can be used to better inform policy or practice, initially within New Zealand’s schools. Led by:


Colliding worlds: virtual reality and beyond

This project stages a suite of colliding conversations that explore how Victoria staff and students are contribution to the hot topics in virtual reality and digital creation. Led by:


Computer Literary Science

The research analyses characters and their networks in literary texts. Scholars, students, and members of the community can interact with the dynamic character networks for all 15 of Dickens’ novels. Led by:


Organisations in a digital future

This project aims to understand how we can prepare the next generation of citizens and workers for the constantly changing and complex digital world. Led by: