Work with us

Work with us to create new ideas and experiences and help communities and businesses cultivate creative capital.

Victoria plays a vital role in nurturing imagination and innovation in Wellington and beyond—watch the video from theme chair Professor Jennifer Windsor.

Creative collaborations

Victoria is uniquely placed to offer an assembly of experts and a wealth of research opportunities that enable creative ideas to take shape.

Professor Jennifer Windsor, Chair of the Cultivating creative capital theme, says that encouraging creative thinking is not confined to the creative arts and humanities, and spans business, law and science. Thinking laterally and collaboratively and being willing to take risks are key to delivering a successful future for Wellington and New Zealand.

She offers Victoria’s creative capacity to Wellington’s business and government leaders.

“Come and play with us!” she says. “We’re interested in the future and we want you to help us create it!”

To find out more

For more information on Cultivating Creative Capital at Victoria and to find out about how you can work with us, contact:

Collaborate and work with our researchers

Victoria has researchers and experts in many areas, who work with a range of agencies and organisations to research new ideas and develop new initiatives.

For more information about working with our world-class staff and students, contact the Research Office.