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Our capability can be applied to many problems, initiatives and ideas. We are developing collaborative proposals, and active in research and engagement network.

We aim to use the multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise within Victoria to explore the challenges and harness the opportunities for New Zealand as a trading nation in the Asia-Pacific region.

By bringing together those working at the coal face of policy development, trade and international relations and academics conducting research related to the Asia-Pacific region, we will create an effective research and engagement network.

We also offer rigorous research and analysis in matters relating to New Zealand’s role in the Asia-Pacific region.

Advancing New Zealand’s relations with the Asia-Pacific

Victoria University is uniquely placed to help New Zealand advance its relationships in the vast Asia-Pacific region.

Professor Bob Buckle, Chair of the Enabling our Asia-Pacific trading nation theme, discusses how Victoria’s capability, in areas ranging from business, tourism and history to languages, cultures and international law, positions the University to become the preeminent centre for advancing the theme of enabling our Asia-Pacific trading nation.

He also explains how others can partner with Victoria University to address problems, initiatives and ideas.

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Victoria has researchers and experts in many areas, who work with a range of agencies and organisations to research new ideas and develop new initiatives.

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