Climate change and the future of coral reefs

Professor Simon Davy outlines the impacts of climate change on the world's coral reefs

Inaugural lecture - Professor Simon Davy

November 2016

Coral reefs are in massive decline, with losses of up to 2 percent per year across the Pacific Ocean. This loss is, in large part, because of climate change. However, there is considerable debate about whether corals will be able to adapt to our changing climate and hence survive into the future.

In his professorial lecture, Professor Simon Davy outlines the impacts of climate change on the world's coral reefs. He will describe the coral-algal symbiosis that is essential for reef survival, how this breaks down under increased temperature ('coral bleaching'), and the potential for corals to adapt to a warming climate by establishing new symbioses with more thermally-tolerant partners.

This is Professor Davy’s inaugural lecture as Professor of Marine Biology at Victoria University of Wellington.

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