Vice-Chancellor and Executive information

The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive of the University and has academic and administrative management of the institution.

Role of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor

The role of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor is to provide high–quality services to the Vice-Chancellor and, through the Vice-Chancellor, to Council, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Heads of Schools (HOS) and Directors of Central Service Units (CSUs).

These services include strategic and academic leadership, planning, policy development and compliance, risk management including the internal audit function, legislative awareness and compliance, the provision of management information and reporting and executive support.

The philosophy of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office is to provide and demonstrate leadership, integrity and the highest standards of professionalism to the University community in these areas.

The key functions of the Office include:

  • overall management of the academic and administrative affairs of the University
  • coordination of strategic planning
  • coordination of overall accountability to meet the University’s statutory obligations
  • coordination of the activities of the various components of the University
  • management of external relations at senior management level
  • coordination and facilitation of the activities of the Council and its standing and ad hoc committees
  • provision of advice on university policies and procedures
  • repository of information and data on matters relating to governance and senior management bodies.