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  • Dr Leanne Ivil

    Dr Leanne Ivil

    Director, Academic Office

    The Director, Academic Office, is a senior role with a clear link to maintaining Victoria University’s reputation as a quality academic institution. The key areas of responsibility are to oversee and co-ordinate the efficient administration of the core functions of the Academic Office; assist the Vice-Provost (Academic and Equity) in the implementation of the academic quality framework and in a range of other processes and projects; oversee the development, review and monitoring of academic policy; and contribute to University-wide initiatives.

  • Jenny Christie

    Jenny Christie

    Senior Academic Policy Advisor (0.8FTE), Academic Office
  • Martin Boswell

    Martin Boswell

    Senior Academic Quality Advisor, Academic Office, Academic Office
  • Jude Brown

    Jude Brown

    Executive Officer, Academic Office
  • Jay Chhana

    Jay Chhana

    Academic Programmes Co-Ordinator
  • Jennie Nnebechukwu

    Jennie Nnebechukwu

    Administrator, Academic Office, Academic Office
  • Edward Schofield

    Edward Schofield

    Reviews Officer, Academic Office