Academic Office

The Academic Office supports faculties, schools and services to maintain excellence in learning and teaching at Victoria.

Victoria is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We aim to provide an inclusive and equitable environment for staff and students, ensuring all students have opportunities for a challenging and stimulating educational experience. Find out more about our goals, plans and policies in relation to learning and teaching, equity and diversity, the student experience and quality assurance.

The Vice-Provost (Academic and Equity) heads the Academic Office, which supports Faculties, Schools and services in working together towards these shared goals.

Learning and Teaching

The Academic Office works closely with Faculties and Schools to advance and coordinate planning, projects, and processes for learning and teaching. Excellence in learning and teaching is one of the University’s core institutional values and is one of the eight key goals of the Strategic Plan.

The Academic Office is responsible for the Learning and Teaching Strategy, the mechanism to ensure the University’s learning and teaching strategic objective is met.

The Learning and Teaching Strategy objectives are to:

  • provide a distinctive and excellent learning experience for students
  • take a student-centred view of learning
  • draw on Victoria’s strong culture of research
  • balance educational breadth, student choice, and sustainability of programmes
  • develop learning and teaching practices that meet high international standards and take account of emerging global trends
  • develop assessment and feedback policies and practices that enhance the curriculum and encourage deeper student engagement with learning.

Contact: Jude Brown

Academic Quality Assurance

The Academic Office develops and helps implement policies that support good academic processes and outcomes, in accordance with New Zealand legislation and the University’s quality assurance frameworks.

It manages the approval processes for academic proposals for new or amended courses and qualifications, and coordinates academic quality assurance, review and audit processes. It provides administrative support for the University’s Academic Board and Academic Committee, and manages the resolution of academic grievances and academic misconduct appeals. Information about the Academic Board can be found in the Academic Board Statute.

Contact: Martin Boswell

Equity and Diversity

Equity of opportunity is a core value of the University. The Academic Office provides leadership and facilitates progress to meet the University’s equity goal “to provide an inclusive and representative environment for staff and students that is conducive to equity of opportunity for participation and success.” (Strategic Plan 2009-2014)

The Equity and Diversity Strategy identifies priority equity groups and sets out the high-level objectives and actions to meet the University’s commitment to equity and diversity.

The Equity and Diversity Strategy objectives are to:

  • improve the recruitment, retention and success rates of students in the identified equity groups
  • support a study environment that recognises the diversity of the University community and advancing equity by giving all students opportunities to achieve their best
  • promote an inclusive workplace environment that fosters and supports the diversity of the University community
  • enhance the performance and perception of Victoria as an employer with a commitment to the advancement of equity
  • create an environment of good leadership and evidence-based decision-making in the management of equity.

Contact: Jude Brown

Student Experience

The Academic Office is responsible for strategic planning and quality enhancement in relation to the student experience. Victoria University aims to offer its students a challenging and stimulating educational experience leading to qualifications that are recognised and valued worldwide.

The Academic Office is responsible for the Student Experience Strategy that provides the framework for the University’s student experience goal, to “engage students as active and lifelong members of an inclusive and supportive community of higher learning through an outstanding academic, social and cultural and campus experience that equips them to make a significant contribution to local, national and international communities.”

The University aspires to provide integrated, accessible and responsive services that will enhance learning, and generally enrich the student experience. The intention is that each campus provides a safe, environmentally-sustainable and enjoyable environment, and offers a wide range of opportunities for student engagement and interaction.

Contact: Jude Brown