Timeline and next steps

Timeline of decisions and next steps relating to Karori campus.

Next steps

Victoria University is following a comprehensive process around divestment of its Karori campus. This programme includes obtaining formal Government approval to dispose of the campus, discharging our responsibilities under the Public Works Act, completing all legal requirements and taking into account the needs of stakeholders and the Karori community.

From March 2017, Victoria is to:

  • continue discussions with WCC and MoE regarding alternative public uses
  • make ‘offer-backs’ to prior owners or their successors as required under the Public Works Act

These steps will potentially be followed by an open market process.

Timeline for decisions on the Karori campus

2011–2015: Campus planning

Campus planning continues with discussion on options for the future of the Karori campus.

Mid 2014
Relocation of Faculty of Education to Kelburn considered.
June 2015
Relocation of Faculty of Education to Kelburn approved.
June 2015
Karori Campus review initiated.


Faculty of Education relocates to Kelburn.
January to August
Comprehensive review continues around possible future uses of Karori campus.
Community meeting held.
Decision made to declare Karori Campus surplus.
University begins the programme to divest the campus.
Community meeting: 15 September.


Process to divest the campus continues.