Latest update—March 2017

Read the latest update from the University about the future of the Karori campus.

Karori campus update—March 2017

Progress is continuing with Victoria’s process for divestment of the Karori campus, as the University follows the requirements of the Public Works Act (PWA).

Alternative public use

As you may be aware, Victoria has been advised by the Ministry of Education (MoE) that it requires the sites occupied by Campbell Kindergarten and Karori Kids (25 and 29 Campbell Street) for an alternative public use. We are working with MoE to transfer these two properties to the Ministry under section 50 of the Public Works Act.

The Wellington City Council (WCC) and the Ministry of Education (MoE) were given until 16 March 2017 to advise Victoria if they require any of the main campus land for alternative public use.

WCC has advised that it requires some land to extend the swimming pool carpark and MoE has given a general indication that it has a requirement for some of the campus land. We are continuing to engage with both agencies on their requests.

Offer back process

The PWA requires land that is surplus to requirements to be offered back to the original owner or their successor unless it is required for an alternative public work or unless an exemption applies.

Five properties have been offered back under Section 40 of the PWA. We expect it will take around three months for the outcome of these offers to be finalised. Some members of the community have noted that a real estate agent has invited expressions of interest in one of these properties (27 Campbell Street). This is not being done on behalf of the University. While any offer back under the PWA is made specifically to the former owner or their successor in title, properties re-acquired in this way may be on-sold immediately. This is an acceptable practice. Victoria has been asked, and has agreed, to allow an open home to take place at 27 Campbell Street in the near future.

Sale of residential properties

If any of the former owners or their successors do not want to reacquire the properties being offered back under the PWA, Victoria will offer them for sale, although it will be a few months before this would happen.

More immediately, there are some other residential properties on the Karori campus that are not required to be offered back and the University will soon be offering these properties for sale.

Recreational facilities

Access to the recreational facilities at the Karori campus remains available to current users.

Previous updates

Update from Victoria University on divestment of Karori campus—February 2017

Victoria University’s process for divestment of its Karori campus is progressing steadily, with the University following the requirements of the Public Works Act.

As part of those requirements, the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Wellington City Council (WCC) have been asked to advise Victoria if they require any of the land for any alternate public use. Both agencies have stated they will advise Victoria of any such requirement by 16 March, 2017.

On Tuesday 7 February, Victoria received one such notification from the MoE in relation to the land at 25 and 29 Campbell Street (being the land on which Campbell Kindergarten and Karori Kids respectively are located).

We have acknowledged and thanked the Ministry for its notification and confirmed that we will now work with MoE staff to transfer these two properties to the MoE under section 50 of the Public Works Act.

We very much welcome the decision by MoE to notify us that they would like the land occupied by the two child care centres to be transferred to the Ministry. We believe this is an excellent outcome for the Karori Community.

Grant Guilford, Vice-Chancellor