Karori campus

The information below and the accompanying documents provide an overview of decision-making related to Victoria University’s Karori campus.

University surprised by some Wellington city councillors’ lack of knowledge

The poor understanding some Wellington city councillors have of the legal requirements around the Public Works Act and divestment of the University’s Karori campus is surprising, says Victoria University of Wellington Vice-Chancellor, Professor Grant Guilford.

    Karori campus update: February 2017

    Progress is continuing with Victoria’s process for divestment of the Karori campus, as the University follows the requirements of the Public Works Act (PWA). There was a community meeting held on 6 March and you can find the presentation below.

      Offer back process

      The PWA requires land that is surplus to requirements to be offered back to the original owner or their successor unless it is required for an alternative public use or if certain specified exemptions apply.

      As part of the process to divest the campus, the University engaged a LINZ accredited supplier to assess the status of the land that is part of the Karori campus.

      On Monday 27 February, the Victoria University Council approved the recommendations from this assessment. The outcome is that five properties will now be offered back. We expect it will take approximately three months until the outcome of this step will be known.

      Update from Victoria University on divestment of Karori campus

      Victoria University’s process for divestment of its Karori campus is progressing steadily, with the University following the requirements of the Public Works Act.

      As part of those requirements, the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Wellington City Council (WCC) have been asked to advise Victoria if they require any of the land for any alternate public use. Both agencies have stated they will advise Victoria of any such requirement by 16 March, 2017.

      On Tuesday 7 February, Victoria received one such notification from the MoE in relation to the land at 25 and 29 Campbell Street (being the land on which Campbell Kindergarten and Karori Kids respectively are located).

      We have acknowledged and thanked the Ministry for its notification and confirmed that we will now work with MoE staff to transfer these two properties to the MoE under section 50 of the Public Works Act.

      We very much welcome the decision by MoE to notify us that they would like the land occupied by the two child care centres to be transferred to the Ministry. We believe this is an excellent outcome for the Karori Community.

      Grant Guilford, Vice-Chancellor