Project timeline

Updates and projected completion dates for different parts of the redevelopment.


Library refurbishment complete

The new Library is designed to be flexible, so, as the requirements of students and staff change over time, the Library will be able to change too.

Services and resources in the revamped Library have been designed to be intuitive and user friendly.

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Central building opens 

February  2013

Central building opens

The new central Hub building opens.

New outdoor space opens

The new Tim Beaglehole Courtyard connects Kelburn Parade with the level outside Old Kirk, the Student Union Building and the Adam Art Gallery. This new outdoor area in front of the Hub will be used for events, recreation and gatherings.

Library refurbishment Levels 1 to 4 complete

The Library is being refurbished to offer the best possible environment for study, research and learning. The entire building will be redeveloped, with the majority of changes taking place on Levels 1 to 3, including:

  • connections to the new central building
  • new study environments to meet different needs
  • improved access to resources and services.

Central building furniture installed 

January 2013

Central building furniture installed

This stage includes all installation of furniture, IT hardware and establishment of the Library facilities.

Retail area in Easterfield opens - Pharmacy 

December  2012

Retail area in Easterfield opens

You will also be able to walk from Kelburn Parade through Easterfield Building then right through the new central building to the Library.

There will be plenty of spaces for events, socialising and study, as well as shops and cafés in Easterfield Building, including an expanded Vic Books.

September 2012

Central building tested and commissioned

This stage includes proving all systems, plant and equipment to ensure the building is operating as designed and is safe for occupation.

July 2012

Central building interior fit out complete

The fit out period will include building meeting rooms and service rooms; installing interior finishing, light, flooring and fitting fixtures and equipment.

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March 2012

Central building roofed and weather tight

With the roof completed, the building becomes weather tight, work continues on internal walls and installing services such as plumbing and electricity. The roof has been designed with roof lights to provide good natural lighting.

December 2011

Central building structure in place

The structure of the new central building is a mix of reinforced concrete, precast concrete components and steel, which was fabricated off site to minimise construction noise.

May 2011

Central building foundations completed

The foundations of the central building have been designed to reduce energy consumption by incorporating part of the air supply and ventilation system.

April 2011

New staff and postgraduate café and bar opens

Milk and Honey is located on Level 1 at the north end of Rankine Brown. The staff and postgraduate student café is light and airy, featuring an outdoor dining area and views of the city. Set into the wall of Milk and Honey, Louis’ Kiosk offers takeaway food for staff and students.

Canopy demolished, excavation of Quad complete 

February 2011

Canopy demolished, excavation of Quad complete

During demolition and excavation, the canopy over the Quad was removed and the old Easterfield lecture theatre demolished.

Student Union Building refurbishment complete

The Student Union Building has been revamped to offer a fantastic student experience. Each level of the building has great new facilities including a purpose-built student health and counselling clinic, a café and bar, clubs areas and more.

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Central building phase launched 

November 2010

Central building phase launched

Works started on the central building which will offer students lively social spaces, comfortable study areas, food outlets and plenty of reasons to stick around on campus between classes.

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Outdoor spaces revamped

The Cotton Courtyard, Old Kirk Courtyard and the Student Union Building deck have been revamped to provide awesome outdoor spaces. The areas include movable seating, fruit trees and other plants, wind screens and food kiosks in the Old Kirk Courtyard.

Celebrating last day of the Quad 

October 2010

Celebrating last day of Quad

Students celebrated the last week of the old Quad before it closed for excavation and construction of the new central building. During the event, professional street artists and students painted the Quad and celebrations culminated with an outdoor movie and party.