Gateway Building timeline

The project timeline for Victoria’s new science teaching and research building shows the different stages of the building project.

December 2014
Gate 6 car park closed.
Breaking of the ground ceremony.
Excavation for foundations and retaining of the basement in both the north and south zones.
February 2015
Culliford Drive diverted along a temporary access road.
Two cranes in place.
Bulk excavation commences for the north and south zones.
May 2015
Construction of basement structures in the north and south zone commence.
Pedestrian gantry constructed along Kelburn Parade
August 2015
Level 1 structures in north and south are underway.
Connections into Laby, Cotton, and Maclaurin buildings made at Level 1.
October 2015
Level 2 structure for both zones are built and a connection made into the Laby Building made.
Preparation for Culliford Drive for diversion to its new permanent location.
November 2015
Culliford Drive permanently realigned and a new Gate 7 entrance established.
Culliford Drive’s previous temporary entrance is excavated and Levels 1, 2, and 3 built.
December 2015
Level 3 structures in north and south built.
Exterior walls of the building begin to be constructed.
February 2016
Fit out of the building begins including laboratories and plant room.
April 2016
North and south zones joined and all four levels complete.
May 2016
Level 4 structure built along with the plant room.
September 2016
Building envelope complete.
February 2017
Building commissioning continues.
The external landscaping enters its final phase.
July 2017
The ‘close-out’ phase begins, including final inspections and documentation.
November 2017
Staff begin to relocate to the new building.
The building will officially open.