New Gateway Building

Victoria University of Wellington is expanding its Kelburn Campus with a new science teaching and research building.

The new Gateway Building (its temporary working name) will add 12,000m2 of science teaching, research and laboratory facilities to the Kelburn campus. It will be a long, low four story building—some of which will be below ground level. The building will encompass modern teaching and research environments that are designed for the digital age.

The science building is expected to be completed in mid 2017.

Artist's impression of the proposed Science Faculty building.

The new building will not only improve Victoria’s infrastructure but also support the University’s aspiration of becoming the pre-eminent institution at which to study biological sciences in New Zealand. The building’s cutting-edge design, including collaborative laboratory and learning and teaching environments, will enable the University to work towards achieving this goal.

The site for the Gateway Building (its temporary working name) takes in the current Gate 6 carpark (which has closed) and spans the area from Culliford Drive (the access road to Te Puni Village) to Kelburn Parade. Initially building activity took place in two zones, one on the north side of Culliford Drive and one on the south. The two halves now join to form a ‘gateway’ across Culliford Drive. When completed, the area will also include a vibrant new outdoor area.

View a diagram of the new Gateway Building and how it fits together with the other buildings at Kelburn Campus.

Work started in December 2014 (taking advantage of the University’s summer break). The project is due for completion in late 2017.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrian access to existing University buildings, to fire egress routes, and to Te Puni Village are all open during construction. Hoardings, covered walkways and fencing have been used to partition off pedestrian access along Kelburn Parade and Culliford Drive.